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Get Familiar With 3 Indoor Air Quality Products

Get Familiar With 3 Indoor Air Quality Products

In Clearwater, Florida, we rely on our HVAC systems to heat and cool efficiently and ensure our indoor air quality is clean and safe. If you change your air filters vigilantly but still want some added protection against airborne pollutants, read on to become familiar with three options.

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Trane PerfectFit Reusable Air Quality Cleaner

All HVAC systems rely on some kind of air filter to trap dust and particles and keep them from circulating through your home. A typical system has disposable filters at the cold-air returns, and you’re responsible for changing them on a schedule. The PerfectFit Reusable filter is up to six times more effective at removing indoor pollutants and doesn’t go in the landfill. Because it’s installed in your air handler, it cleans 100% of your home’s air.

Trane CleanEffects Air Cleaner

This air cleaner system goes straight into your air handler and is able to trap 99.98% of airborne particles like dust, pet dander, cigarette smoke, dust mites, cooking grease, and even bacteria. It improves on the concept of in-line filters with its patented air-cleaning technology, trapping particles as small as .1 microns, which is 1/1,000th of a human hair, without affecting your system’s performance. This kind of air cleaning makes a huge difference for asthma and allergy sufferers. With its clear cleaning indicator, you’ll know when to clean it for optimum efficiency.

Trane FreshEffects Energy Recovery Ventilator

If you live in a new home, chances are it’s well-insulated and tight to meet modern building standards. That’s great news for energy efficiency, but it can also trap odors and gases inside, especially during times of the year when you keep the windows and doors shut tight. A ventilator trades stale indoor air for equal amounts of fresh outdoor air. It maintains heating and humidity levels in winter and pre-conditions air in summer.

Whatever your indoor air quality needs, Pinellas Comfort Systems has a solution. We can help you assess your home as part of a regular maintenance plan. Call us today at (727) 315-0791.

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