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Is Your HVAC System Ready for Storm Season in Seminole, FL?

Is Your HVAC System Ready for Storm Season in Seminole, FL?

As the weather changes, you’ll want to ready your HVAC system for hurricane season. Some of the strongest storms of the year hit during summer and early fall. Here are some ways to make sure your HVAC system is ready for the upcoming storm season in Seminole, FL.

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Turn the Power Off

Hurricanes may cause power outages or surges, which can damage electrical components. This can cause damage to your HVAC system if it’s still active. A damaged HVAC system will need an inspection by our HVAC professionals.

Shutting off the circuit breakers before a big storm will protect your electrical appliances from any major damage. Before you turn the power back on, make sure your home is not still vulnerable to flooding.

Clean Up Loose Objects

When a big storm is coming, check your yard for hazardous objects. Loose objects in your yard can cause damage to your HVAC system or your home. During a maintenance visit, our technicians can inspect your outside unit and repair any damage they find.

Some objects to look for include tree limbs and patio furniture. Place the loose debris and furniture in your garage until the storm passes. If you don’t have enough room, you could ask a neighbor to store some things for you.

Cover Your Outside Unit

Debris could damage the components, so you should consider covering the HVAC unit with a mesh cover. There are components of your HVAC unit that could be damaged by flying debris.

If you spot any damage to the unit after the storm, call us to inspect the HVAC system before you turn it back on.

There are many ways to protect your yard and HVAC unit before a storm comes. If you’re worried about your outside unit, keep track of the local weather. If you need an HVAC inspection or any other heating and cooling services in Seminole, FL, call us at Pinellas Comfort Systems to make an appointment today.

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