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Summer AC Maintenance to Keep You Cool and Cost Less

Summer AC Maintenance to Keep You Cool and Cost Less

As the hot, humid days of summer set in, residents of Clearwater, Florida, may be looking for ways to stay cool without breaking the bank on air conditioning costs. There are several ways to stay cool without incurring high summer utility bills. One of the most important ways is to keep your air conditioner in good working order. Summer AC maintenance can help cut down on air conditioning costs while helping equipment work more efficiently.

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Seasonal Tune-Ups

A furnace tune-up in the fall and an AC tuneup in the spring accomplish a lot. A professional HVAC contractor will examine all elements of the unit before first use each season to ensure that the system is in good working order. Tune-ups include:

  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Calibrate thermostat
  • Clean or change air filter
  • Clean drip pan and condensate lines
  • Clean condenser coils
  • Clean blower unit
  • Oil all moving parts
  • Check electrical contacts and wiring
  • Examine furnace plenum and housing
  • Test burners and ignition
  • Ensure unit cycles on and off properly

A well-maintained unit uses up to 25 percent less electricity. In addition, preventive maintenance reduces the likelihood of breakdowns. Maintenance also prolongs the life of the unit. You stay cool and save money throughout the summer months.

Clean the Air Filter

A dirty filter is the number one reason for air conditioner repairs. Filters trap airborne particulates and keep them from entering the system. The air flowing through the system passes over coils and is blown into your living space. Dirty filters allow dust, animal dander and other debris to settle on coils, reducing air flow and making the compressor work harder. Eventually, the unit stops working.

Pinellas Comfort Systems

Pinellas Comfort Systems has provided professional HVAC services in communities around Clearwater, Florida, since 1957. Our maintenance plans include two tune-ups each year. Call us at (727) 315-0791 to find out more about how an AC tuneup can save money and keep you cool.