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Your Guide to Ductless Systems in St. Petersburg, FL

Your Guide to Ductless Systems in St. Petersburg, FL

Ductless systems are an excellent alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems. This guide will discuss how ductless systems function, and why you should consider it for your St. Petersburg, FL, home.

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What Is a Ductless Mini-Split and How Does It Function?

A ductless HVAC system is quiet and powerful, and contains three primary components, including an outdoor unit, an indoor unit, and remote control. This heating and cooling unit works similar to your central HVAC system, with the main difference is that the mini-split system lacks ductwork.

To install the ductless unit, our technicians will mount the indoor and outdoor units, then connect them using the refrigerant lines and some simple electrical connections. The connection through an exterior wall is a 3 inch opening. Thanks to the innovative engineering technology which allows the optimization of Inverter technology and the R410A refrigerant for the small indoor and outdoor units, the ductless mini-split systems can comfortably fit in small and large spaces.

You don’t have to worry about pollution because the R410A refrigerant is eco-friendly, and has zero depletion potential, while the indoor and outdoor units contain recyclable materials. How does a ductless mini-split unit function? The handling unit mounted on your wall will suck in the hot and humid air in your room and transfer it through several pipes and then to the outdoor condensers.

Next, the hot air’s energy will transfer to the coils in the outdoor condenser containing a coolant. Through an electrical process, the coolant, which has absorbed the warm air, and is now in gaseous form, will transform into a liquid as the coolant gas travels to the condenser unit’s compressor section.

Finally, the cooled air will pass through the handler, as it travels back into your home. Through repeated cycles of this process, the temperatures in your home drop.

Where Can You Use Ductless Systems?

Ductless mini-splits are common in residential and commercial buildings. However, you will find ductless units in multi-family housing units, homes with add-on units or those that do not have ductwork. You can also use it in a small house, where you cannot easily install ductwork units for your central heating and cooling system.

These mini-split systems work well in a house that experiences severe hot and cold spots. Mini-split systems are also perfect when renovating historic buildings with brick and plaster walls that don’t have ductwork to accommodate heating and cooling systems. Most ductless systems provide both heating and cooling units, but some offer just a single option.

Our HVAC company offers heating and cooling solutions through ductless AC systems. Some of the advantages of having these ductless mini-split systems installed in your home are below.

They Provide Zoning Solutions

If your St. Petersburg, FL, home consists of multiple units or zones, you can comfortably control each room or area’s temperature instead of heating your entire house.

Ductless Systems Are Energy Efficient

Thanks to mini-splits’ ductless nature, they do not experience the energy loss that comes with duct-heating systems. Due to the ductless feature, air from the ductless heating unit travels from the unit to your room. According to estimates, the energy lost through ducted heating and cooling units is about 30%, while the ductless unit will consume up to 60% less energy, making it one of the efficient types of systems available.

They Are Easier to Install

Ductless mini-splits are easier to install than other heating and cooling systems. Our technicians will only need to drill a three-inch opening to connect a conduit to the outdoor and indoor units. Although the installation process is easy, it requires a professional HVAC technician.

Our company offers a 0% financing option for 48 months on the Mitsubishi ductless unit. If you reside in St. Petersburg, FL, and would like one of our technicians to install a ductless HVAC unit, please contact us for additional information.

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