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3 Reasons a Ductless System Is Ideal for Your Home Addition

3 Reasons a Ductless System Is Ideal for Your Home Addition

Putting an addition on your Feather Sound, Florida, home is an exciting venture. It allows you to add the room you always wanted while increasing your home’s value. Did you think about how you’d like to heat and cool the add-on? Although traditional systems work fine, the ductwork is a nuisance, especially if you didn’t plan for it in the blueprints. Fortunately, there are options available. If you’ve never considered a ductless system for your home addition, check out these efficient, cost-saving benefits.

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Zoning Control

When you install a ductless system in your addition, it gives you the advantage of controlling the temperature independently from the rest of the home. For example, if you’ve added a guest bedroom, you can turn the system off if no one’s in it, or guests can adjust the temperature as they like without bothering anyone else. Also known as zoning, this method helps control comfort and costs without the hassle.

Cutting Down on Ductwork

One of the other problems with using central air to heat and cool an addition is that you have to plan for the ductwork. Often, this means you must run it through the ceiling, limiting the amount of space in the addition, or leave it exposed, which is an eyesore. With ductless systems, you can eliminate the need for ductwork completely, freeing up extra space and allowing you to decorate without having to cover anything up.

Increasing Energy Efficiency

Although central HVAC systems have become far more efficient over the years, they still pale in comparison to ductless. According to Energy Star ductless systems can save you as much as 30 percent on your heating and cooling bill. The reason for this efficiency increase is because no treated air is lost as it typically is through ductwork.

If you’ve decided that a ductless system is perfect for your Florida home addition, you need a professional who’s up to the task. Make sure to call Pinellas Comfort Systems today at (727) 315-0791 for all your ductless installation needs.

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