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A hot house does no good for your health or peace of mind. High indoor temperatures are especially unsafe for young children and the elderly. You don’t have to wait until your air conditioner has stopped producing any cold air to schedule air conditioning repair services. Even the slightest irregularity should be addressed. Small problems can increase your energy bills and eventually grow into larger, more expensive challenges.

Pinellas Comfort Systems is Your Air Conditioning Specialist

Keeping your Pinellas county home cool and comfortable is not just a matter of having the latest or most efficient system. Many factors impact the effect of warm weather on your home including:

  • Geographic location
  • Shading from trees
  • The age of your air conditioner
  • Maintenance history
  • Use and care of the system
  • Air leaks via windows and doors
  • Insulation levels

When you pay attention to these factors, you will see improvements in the performance of your air conditioner. You could even reduce the need for air conditioning repair services. Pinellas Comfort Systems will provide the air conditioning repair and HVAC services our customers need when they need them.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Helpful Advice When A New System Installation is Needed

We also offer additional information and advice when it’s time for a new system installation, so our customers get the most value for their money. We can recommend any number of systems from a variety of manufacturers, including Trane. You can trust that we will provide the highest quality systems at competitive prices. You’ll know the price before we start the work and you’ll have our 100% satisfaction guarantee on the work that is performed. We take pride in our attention to detail and the exacting techniques that our technicians have been trained to use for installations.

Air Conditioning Service You Need

Our ultimate goal is to help you create a comfortable indoor environment. Whether you need air conditioning repair or AC installation services, Pinellas Comfort Systems is your local HVAC expert. We will provide:

  • Effective air conditioning repair services from certified technicians
  • Accurate AC installation
  • A range of energy-efficient cooling systems, including heat pumps and ductless systems
  • Cooling system maintenance to improve system performance and energy savings
  • Maintenance plan options to keep your system working to its potential year-round.

We will provide the right solutions so that you can tackle cooling inefficiencies throughout your home. We also provide regular specials to help you afford the products and services that you need.

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Easy Air Conditioning Comfort

Air conditioning is easy with Pinellas Comfort Systems. As your HVAC contractor, we ensure that you never have to worry about soaring temperatures or indoor humidity. We have the skills and experience to keep your air conditioner working well for years.

We know that AC emergencies can pop up from time to time, which is why we also offer 24/7 emergency AC repair in Clearwater. Be sure to give us a call if you have an emergency and we’ll be there to help!

Don’t let air conditioning be a hassle. We will keep you cool night and day and provide all the information you need to improve air conditioning in your home. We know it’s important to you to hold on to your hard-earned dollars, and our repair, maintenance, and high-performance systems help you to do just that.

“Cooling Pinellas For Three Generations”

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