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Attic Insulation Services In CLEARWATER & St. PetersBurg, FL

Adding attic insulation can keep your home warm during the cold winter months and cool during the hot summer months. Also, installing adequate insulation can make your HVAC system run more efficiently, so you save money on energy costs. Contacting your number one heating & cooling professional about insulation services for the attic will ensure your family stays comfortable all year.

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Not only can having proper attic insulation make a noticeable difference in utility bills, but it will also help reduce noise levels throughout the house and increase comfort. Our highly trained professionals can assess your attic and install or repair the insulation to ensure your home is comfortable year-round.

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The Benefits of Attic Insulation

There are several benefits to you contacting professionals for attic insulation during the fall or winter months. Below are the several benefits you’ll receive:

  • Lower Energy Bills: When your attic is well insulated, your bills will reduce in half. Poorly insulated walls and attics cause outside air to come in and inside air to escape easily. However, you don’t have to worry about this when you insulate your attic.
  • More Comfort: As the cool air conditioner air can stay in your home better, you’ll notice a difference in how much easier it is to control the temperature. In return, you’ll stay comfortable throughout the year.
  • Even Temperatures: Heating your home in winter is harder if your attic isn’t well insulated. You can keep your home at a more even level when a professional installs insulation through your attic.
  • Healthier Home Environment: Moisture can quickly build up in your attic if it’s not properly insulated. This is especially true in Florida, where too much moisture can lead to mold. However, let a professional do attic insulation services for your home; you can ensure the air quality stays healthy.

It’s also important to note that it’s best to contact professionals during winter and fall for attic insulation services. It can be challenging for professionals to assist your home during hotter weather. If you have questions, contact us, and we will help you.

The Factors of Attic Insulation Installation Cost

What are the associated costs of attic insulation services? Below you’ll receive a breakdown of the expected attic insulation costs.

Size & Square Footage

Professionals will have to measure the size and square footage to receive reasonable estimated costs for your home. Before we do anything, our team of professionals will inspect your attic and calculate the installation cost based on the square footage of the air conditioning space. We will also apply other factors during our inspection.

Insulation R-Value

R-value insulation is an effective way to insulate your home and reduce heat transfer out or in. R-value measures a material’s resistance to heat flow, so the higher the R-value, the better it will insulate your living space.

Different materials have different R-values depending on their thickness. By considering the different types of insulation materials available and the desired R-Value of your project, our professionals will determine which type of insulation best suits your unique needs.

Insulation Removal

Older homes will need their insulation removed. This is because the R-Value of insulation in Florida must be at 30. Unfortunately, older homes often do not meet this level of standard. So, if your home is older than 30 years, you can expect this to be added to your initial costs.

Spray Attic Insulation Services in Clearwater, FL

The Different Types of Insulation for Attics

Different types of insulation can be used for attics. Each of these examples below provides its unique benefits.

  • Fiberglass Batt: Fiberglass insulation fibers create a fibrous thermal barrier by combining glass or sand particles. This option is budget-friendly and easy to install. It is also ideal for any climate, especially Florida.
  • Spray Foam: This type of insulation is effective for preventing air loss because it is made of polyurethane foam, which can be installed to fill wall gaps. The use of spray foam insulation can reduce heating and cooling costs in homes while increasing energy efficiency and comfort.
  • Fiberglass Blown-In: Fiberglass blown-in is installed by a machine and is known as blowing wool. It is commonly applied to mid-floors, attics, and netted wall cavities to help seal small cracks.
  • Rigid Board: Rigid board insulation is known as the most durable insulation. It is made from thick foam panels to help reduce sound transfer and energy costs.
  • Mineral Wood: Mineral wood insulation is an excellent choice for protection from fires. It also has excellent thermal abilities due to the raw materials it is made from.
  • Cellulose:  For those who want an environmentally-friendly choice, cellulose is your best option. This insulation is made from 75% of recycled paper. It can also be chemically treated to offer protection from fire.

Attic Insulation Services from Pinellas Comfort Systems

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