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What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Top AC Repairs and Why

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Top AC Repairs and Why

According to the United States Energy Information Administration’s most recent statistics, electricity accounts for 90 percent of the energy that households in Florida consume. In fact, the state’s annual electricity expenditures are 40 percent more than the country’s average, ranking second only to Texas in total residential sales. Although residents in the Sunshine State use heating equipment less than those in other states, more than 27 percent of the energy they consume is for air conditioning, which is a whopping 21 percent more than the national average.

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None of those statistics should be much of a surprise, though, if you own a home in Clearwater, Florida, or the surrounding communities. The fact is, your air conditioning system works overtime to provide you with a cool and comfortable indoor environment for most of the year. It also shouldn’t be a surprise that, as a result, your AC is more susceptible to breakdowns than units in other states around the country. This is especially true if you haven’t performed routine maintenance on it. With that said, here are eight of the most common AC repairs homeowners deal with.

Refrigerant Issue

If your AC system is low on refrigerant, it either has a leak or it wasn’t charged properly during its installation. You’ll need a trained service technician to either charge it to match the manufacturer’s specifications or fix the leak.

Operational result: Your AC system doesn’t cool properly.

Thermostat Issue

If your AC system turns on but isn’t cooling properly, perhaps your thermostat settings aren’t programmed correctly. If your AC system doesn’t turn on, it could also mean that your thermostat needs fresh batteries or replacing.

Operational result: Your AC system doesn’t cool properly or turn on.

Condensate Line Issue

Considering how humid it gets in Clearwater, Florida, it isn’t uncommon for a condensate line to become clogged and impede drainage. You can unclog the condensate line with an air compressor or a Shop-Vac.

Operational result: Your AC system doesn’t cool properly.

Air Filter Issue

A dirty air filter can restrict airflow in your AC system, decrease its efficiency and reduce its ability to cool your home effectively. It’s advised that you check your air filter at least once per month, and change it as needed.

Operational result: Your AC system doesn’t cool properly or has limited airflow.

Electric Control Issue

Your AC system’s compressor and fan controls can become damaged, especially if your unit is constantly cycling on and off. Wiring and terminals can also become corroded, which is a common issue that impacts electrical controls.

Operational result: Your AC system doesn’t turn on.

Ductwork Issue

Whether it’s leaking air, clogged or constricted, problems with your ductwork can also impact your unit’s operational efficiency. Whether you need your ductwork cleaned or sealed, it’s best to leave either task to a professional.

Operational result: Your AC system has limited airflow.

Capacitor Issue

A capacitor is a small cylindrical object that stores energy. It can either send a jolt to start the motor, or it can send jolts to keep it running. If your AC system hums but the fan doesn’t operate, it’s likely a faulty capacitor.

Operational result: Your AC system doesn’t cool properly.

If you’re interested in more information about preventing the aforementioned air conditioning issues, or if you’d like a service technician to visit your home to repair one right away, read on to learn what’s so great about a maintenance plan or contact Pinellas Comfort Systems at (727) 315-0791. We look forward to handling your AC repair request.