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3 Benefits of Duct Cleaning After Home Damage

3 Benefits of Duct Cleaning After Home Damage

People in Palm Harbor, Florida, should have their ducts checked every few years, and cleaned if needed, to keep their HVAC systems working efficiently. You may need to have your ductwork cleaned sooner if you have had any water damage or if you’ve had some remodeling done. Duct cleaning after home damage or remodeling will make your home healthier, more comfortable, and more efficient.

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A Healthier Home

The high humidity from a leaky roof, a dripping pipe, or other water damage encourages pests and biological growth. Cockroaches, mice, dust mites, and other unwanted visitors could end up in your ducts, along with any pesticides you use to get rid of them. Repairs often create dust, and many paints, glues, and cleaners contain VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. Without duct cleaning after damage, family members could experience asthma or allergy symptoms, headaches, sore throats, rashes, and other health problems.

Better Comfort

Dead pests and biological growth in your ductwork can produce a rotting, stale, or musty smell. The particulates from smoking can accumulate in your ducts as well. If you notice bad smells whenever you enter your home, duct cleaning can eliminate the problem, improve your indoor air quality, and make your house more welcoming for guests. It will also help keep dust from showing up on your floors and furniture and let your HVAC system’s air filter last longer.

More Efficiency

A professional company like Pinellas Comfort Systems can check for problems with your ductwork while cleaning it. You could have leaks, gaps, or an inefficient design. Duct cleaning will help you save energy and reduce your utility bills by giving you a chance to correct these problems.

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