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How Long Does a Heat Pump Typically Last?

How Long Does a Heat Pump Typically Last?

If your St. Petersburg, Florida, home has a heat pump, you may be wondering how long this unit may last. Learn more about the average lifespan of a heat pump and what you can do to extend its useful lifespan.

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Factors That Affect Your Heat Pump’s Life Expectancy

A heat pump works by moving heat from one source to another. In the winter months, the heat is pumped indoors to warm up the space while the heat is moved outdoors during the summer season. This efficient method of heating and cooling is commonly used by homeowners throughout the area. Since the climate in Florida is more moderate, it’s an ideal location to use this option as a method to warm up and cool down your space.

There are several factors at play when it comes to how long your heating and cooling system will last. Most will continue to heat and cool for up to 15 years, although older units may only last about a decade. The key factor in determining whether your heat pump will last for its projected lifespan is whether you keep up with regular maintenance.

Necessary Maintenance

It’s important to take several key steps to maintain your system and extend its lifespan. If ice and frost build up on the coils located outdoors, the pump will no longer be able to produce adequate heat to warm up your home. You should keep an eye on the outdoor coils to ensure that the defrost cycle is working and preventing ice from forming.

You should also replace the air filters often, based on the recommendations from the manufacturer. No plants or trees should grow within 18 inches of the outdoor unit, as they can inhibit the necessary air circulation for the heat pump. Another helpful way to maintain your pump is to clean the fins located on the outdoor condenser unit.

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