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3 Practical Ways to Keep AC Costs Down This Summer

3 Practical Ways to Keep AC Costs Down This Summer

In Florida’s Bay area, sizzling temperatures can quickly cause homeowners’ cooling costs to spiral out of control. If you’re concerned about keeping your AC costs down this summer, there are a few changes you can make to help you save a bundle. Here are a few ways to get the most out of your air conditioning in hot weather.

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Schedule Preventive Maintenance

There’s nothing worse than your AC breaking down in the middle of a heat wave. Consider scheduling preventive maintenance during the spring or early summer to make sure your AC unit is in good shape. The technicians can address issues that might affect the efficiency of your unit to help improve your air conditioner’s performance. Due to the extreme wear and stress your AC unit experiences during the summer, improved efficiency can have a huge impact on your energy bill.

Upgrade to a New Unit

In some cases, holding on to your existing air conditioning unit could be adding to your costs in the long run. An older air conditioner is likely to be somewhat inefficient and cost much more to run every year. Upgrading to one of the latest energy-efficient Trane AC unit models could help bring your AC costs down. You could also consider other energy-efficient cooling systems like heat pumps or ductless systems.

Address Air Leaks

In some cases, air leaks near your doors and windows could be contributing to higher AC costs over the summer. If cooled air is escaping from your home, the air conditioning will have to run more often in order to keep your home feeling comfortable indoors. Add caulk around leaking windows and place weather stripping along your door frames to keep your cooled air inside. If problems persist, you may need a home energy audit to detect other issues like insufficient insulation.

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