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3 Reasons Why Having the Correct HVAC System Size Is Important

3 Reasons Why Having the Correct HVAC System Size Is Important

From energy efficiency levels to temperature accuracy, having a correctly sized HVAC system can have a major impact on your Clearwater, Florida, home. Whether you are concerned about your current system or you are looking to buy a new one, here are three major reasons why you should make sure you have a correctly sized HVAC system.

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Frequent Cycles

Many homeowners think a larger unit is more efficient. After all, the bigger the unit, the faster it will be able to cool or heat your home, right? While this is partly true, the quick temperature change can actually present bigger problems than it solves. Your HVAC unit cycles are based on getting your home to a constant, cool temperature. If your system cycles through too quickly, you may end up with abnormal wear and tear on the internal parts, which aren’t designed to keep up with that demand.

Constant Running

Conversely, if your unit is too small, it may run constantly to try to get your home’s temperature to the right level. This also puts a lot of strain on your HVAC system while reducing energy efficiency because of a constant draw of electricity from the power grid. Constant running can lead to whopping electricity bills, as well as frequent component breakdowns that aren’t cheap to get fixed.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

In both cases, your HVAC unit won’t run like it’s supposed to. One of the main functions of an HVAC unit, outside of altering temperature, is to keep your indoor air quality levels high. It does this by filtering and conditioning outdoor air. However, if your unit isn’t running correctly, you may find your IAQ suffering, especially when it comes to humidity levels.

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