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Boost Your Energy Efficiency with a Smart Thermostat

Boost Your Energy Efficiency with a Smart Thermostat

Your utility bill has arrived and, once again, it’s making your wallet burn. But haven’t you been cutting energy use in your Clearwater, Florida, home? Allow a smart thermostat to give you the innovative hand you need to boost your energy efficiency and cut those utility costs.

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What Is a Smart Thermostat?

What makes a smart thermostat different from the standard thermostat currently in your home? Smart thermostats are set apart by their Wi-Fi connectivity and analytics technology. That wireless connectivity allows you to connect to your thermostat via a smart device and control your HVAC system from anywhere. Many smart thermostats also learn and measure your behaviors using analytics technology and use that information to generate diagnostic reports that reveal your energy-use habits.

How Do Smart Thermostats Boost Energy Efficiency?

You may think of your air conditioner or your heating system as the greatest determiner of energy efficiency in your home, but what directs that heating and cooling system? Your thermostat. Your thermostat’s capabilities and how you control them plays a significant role in how your HVAC system uses energy.

While standard thermostats force you to take all the steps to control your energy efficiency yourself, many smart thermostats learn your energy-use habits and adjust accordingly. For example, if you come home after a run and turn down your thermostat every morning at 7:30, your thermostat will learn that behavior and adjust the temperature for you.

But what if you’re out of town and don’t want your AC wasting energy by cooling your empty home? Pull out your smartphone and adjust your thermostat setting from wherever you are. That mobile access gives you greater control over your HVAC system and allows you to improve your energy efficiency by removing extra strain from your system.

Upgrade your home with a smart thermostat and you’ll soon see lower utility bills and experience greater comfort in your home. To install a smart thermostat, call Pinellas Comfort Systems at (727) 315-0791.

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