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5 Ways to Get Your Money’s Worth from Your HVAC System

5 Ways to Get Your Money’s Worth from Your HVAC System

Caring for an HVAC system and maintaining a budget can often become a tug of war for homeowners in Clearwater, Florida. Even heating and cooling your home forces you to consider how hefty your next bill may be. Comfort and convenience require investment, but you can guarantee that you get the most out of every dollar you put into your HVAC system. These five strategies will get you your money’s worth from your HVAC system by maintaining high energy efficiency.

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Schedule Regular Maintenance

Nothing will give you your money’s worth from your HVAC system as well as professional HVAC maintenance. Over time, your system experiences wear and tear that will not only add to your utility costs, but it will also reduce your unit’s life span. Without maintenance, the wear and tear will cost you in repairs.

Schedule a regular maintenance appointment, and one of our trained technicians will inspect and clean your unit, conduct necessary repairs, refill refrigerant, recommend changes to your heating and cooling habits, and more. Maintenance performed twice a year (ideally in the spring and fall) will improve your energy efficiency and save your system.

Heat and Cool Responsibly

In between professional maintenance appointments, the burden is on you to heat and cool with your system’s well-being in mind. This means that you shouldn’t push your air conditioner too hard, even when it’s sweltering outside. Remember that the greater the difference between the temperature inside your home and the temperature outdoors, the harder your system has to work to maintain your preferred level of comfort.

You’ll get more out of your HVAC system by keeping your thermostat setting closer to the outdoor temperature. If you can, don’t let your spring and summer home temperature dip below 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check Your System Size

Your HVAC system will never run quite as it should if it isn’t sized properly for the needs of your living space. Every heating and cooling system is built to handle a particular load requirement, which is determined by your square footage, the placement and number of doors and windows, how insulated your living space is, and more.

A system that’s too large for that load requirement will short cycle often, straining the unit and increasing utility costs. A system that’s too small will never be able to maintain your comfort, which will also strain the unit and cut its life span. Schedule an HVAC inspection to check your system size.

Clean Your Home Often

Yes, cleaning your home does more than make your living space smell nice; it also can increase your HVAC life span and help you get the most out of your unit. Indoor air quality plays an important role in how efficiently your system operates, since dust, debris, and other particles can dirty the system, increase strain, and reduce airflow.

In addition to hiring HVAC professionals to clean the interior of your unit, you should also clean your home often, especially around your HVAC unit. Don’t forget to also remove debris around your outdoor compressor unit.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Your thermostat is another central determiner in your HVAC system’s energy efficiency and, consequently, your unit’s life span. A standard thermostat can work well if you know how to use it. But upgrading your thermostat will help you truly get the most of your HVAC system. Upgrading your old thermostat for an innovative smart thermostat will put your temperature control in the palm of your hand.

Smart thermostats use Wi-Fi connectivity to connect you to your thermostat through your smart device. With that connection, you have more personalized control over your HVAC system. Out of the house longer than you anticipated? Set the thermostat to keep your home warmer to avoid wasting energy, and then cool things down while you’re on the drive home.

Heating and cooling your home draws enough money out of your budget, so you want your system to last as long as possible. Make a habit of these five suggestions and you’ll extend your system’s life span, cut your energy costs, and build a more comfortable home. To give your HVAC system the professional TLC it needs, call Pinellas Comfort Systems at (727) 315-0791.

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