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Identifying the Cause of 4 Heat Pump Noises

Identifying the Cause of 4 Heat Pump Noises

A heat pump is an effective heating system for homes during the cold months. How heat pumps transfer heat is typically quiet, but some noises can indicate a problem with the system. Here are some causes of unusual heat pump noises that you should know and what to do about them.

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Humming Noise

Heat pumps often produce a humming noise as they operate, but it shouldn’t be annoying. If you hear a loud humming noise from your HVAC system, it could be from an electrical fault, malfunctioning fan motor, or faulty component. It’s best to hire an expert to inspect the defective parts and conduct necessary repairs.

Metallic Clinking Noises

Metallic clinking sounds from your heat pump could originate from a faulty fan or loose parts. If you hear a loud metallic clinking noise, shut off the unit and call the heating pros for repairs. You might worsen the problem if you continue operating the HVAC system when the fan is faulty.

Grinding and Gurgling Noises

Heat pumps transfer heat in or out of your home with the help of refrigerant lines. If the refrigerant levels are low, you’re likely to hear gurgling or hissing sounds, which can damage your HVAC system. Talk to the experts to inspect your HVAC system before topping off the refrigerant if you hear gurgling or hissing noises.

Rattling and Vibrations

Rattling and vibrating heat pump noises could indicate a loose cover panel, air handler problems, or excessively tight coolant piping. You can avoid most causes of rattling heat pump noises through prompt repairs and regular tune-ups. It’s best to hire an experienced HVAC technician to inspect your heat pump and diagnose and fix it to eliminate the rattling noises.

If any of these heat pump noises sound familiar, it’s advisable to call the experts for repairs. You can prevent most of these unusual through regular maintenance. Call our team at Pinellas Comfort Systems today for the most dependable and affordable maintenance services or if you’d like to improve your heat pump’s efficiency.

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