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Keeping a Nursery Cool for Your Newborn

Keeping a Nursery Cool for Your Newborn

Welcoming a new baby into your family is an occasion filled with celebration and joy. Along with this feeling of excitement comes the myriad tasks you need to attend to when you bring your newborn into your Crystal Beach, Florida, home. Keeping a baby’s nursery cool during the summer involves monitoring how you use your home’s air conditioning system.

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Use Blinds and Shades to Control Sunlight

Direct sunlight streaming through the windows of your baby’s nursery introduces unnecessary heat to the room. Naturally, this extra heat in the home can trigger your air conditioning system to work overtime. To give your air conditioning system a break, use blinds and shades to control the amount of sunlight filtering through windows. You can buy specialty sunscreens that you can install on the nursery windows to reduce the amount of sunlight entering your baby’s nursery.

Change Your HVAC System’s Air Filters

Dirty air filters can inhibit the delivery of cool and clean air via your home’s HVAC system to your baby’s nursery. Installing clean air filters not only promotes the proper functioning of your HVAC system, but it also keeps allergens and airborne particles at bay.

Adjust Temperatures With a Smart Thermostat

From naptime to nighttime, make sure your baby is comfortable anytime. Use a smart thermostat connected to your home’s air conditioning system. You’ll appreciate the flexibility to adjust temperatures in your baby’s nursery by using your mobile device.

Be Mindful of Registers and Vents

When placing a crib in the nursery, be mindful of registers and vents. Position the crib in an area that won’t expose your baby to a draft. To keep your newborn comfortable, keep his or her arms and legs covered during naptime. Dressing your little one in a light outfit can provide just enough protection when he or she is asleep.

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