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Is Ductless Air Conditioning is More Efficient?

Is Ductless Air Conditioning is More Efficient?

Ductless air conditioning eliminates the need for HVAC ductwork in the home. It features a unit mounted to the wall or ceiling where the air is cooled and delivered directly to your home. You can install multiple units throughout your living space to customize your cooling and achieve the exact comfort levels you’re after. While a central air conditioner may be a more traditional option, there are several benefits to installing an efficient ductless air conditioning system for your home.

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Here, we’ll explore some of the energy-saving perks of a ductless cooling system. Learn how ductless air conditioning is a more energy-efficient option for your home.

Ductless Air Conditioning Delivers Air Directly

With a central air conditioner, your air has to travel a long way between the evaporator coils where it’s cooled and the vents where it’s delivered to your living space. It takes far more energy to blow this air throughout the house than it does to deliver air directly from the point where it’s cooled to where you’ll feel it. A ductless system provides more direct delivery of air, so you save energy in the cooling process.

Ductless Air Conditioning Eliminates Leaky Ductwork

Over time, ducts develop cracks and leaks that allow some of your cooled air to escape into your attic or other unused spaces. You’re still paying to cool the air, but you’re not enjoying the full benefits of your investment. It’s difficult, costly, and time-consuming to repair your ducts. This is a maintenance task that you’ll need to address as ducts will experience new leaks as they sustain more use over time.

A ductless system frees you from this hassle because it doesn’t use ductwork at all. You won’t have to worry about lost air when you’re using this system, so every dollar that you spend on cooling is used for the comfort you can enjoy.

Individual Temperature Controls

A ductless system uses a single outdoor unit and one or more indoor units. You can place the indoor units throughout your home in the areas where you want to focus your cooling the most. Each one is individually controlled, so you can turn these on or off as needed to get the right temperatures.

With a central air conditioner, you’re typically forced to cool the entire home at once, even if you’re only using one or two rooms. If you have a zoned system, you’ll enjoy a greater sense of control with your air conditioner, but this is an upgrade you may not be interested in making once you learn more about ductless systems. A ductless air conditioner provides natural zoning that’s built into its very design. This way, you’re never cooling empty guest rooms or other unused spaces. Only pay for temperature control in the areas where you need it.

Utilizing Inverter-Driven Compressors

Ductless air conditioners operate with inverter-driven compressors. These adjust their speed based on the room’s temperature, so you have more flexible control over your comfort levels.

A single-stage compressor operates at only one speed, so you don’t have any flexibility in how hard it’s working or how much energy it uses. A two-stage compressor is better, as it has two different functions, but this still lacks the sensitivity of an inverter-driven compressor. Ductless systems give you greater control over your temperatures and deliver the comfort that you’re after with minimal energy use.

If you’re interested in upgrading your home’s cooling system, it’s worthwhile to consider a ductless AC system. You might use this for your whole home or install it in a single space, such as a sunroom, for more control over your comfort in particular areas. If it’s time to shop for a new air conditioning system installation, our technicians at Pinellas Comfort Systems can help. Give us a call today at (727) 315-0791 to learn more about what’s involved in this installation and how a ductless air conditioner can help improve energy efficiency in your home.

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