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Renovating? 6 Ways to Protect Your HVAC Unit

Renovating? 6 Ways to Protect Your HVAC Unit

Home renovation in Clearwater, Florida, is exciting, but it can also create a huge mess and big problems for your HVAC system. Dust and debris kicked up from the renovations can damage your HVAC unit, resulting in costly repairs. By taking precautionary steps, you can protect your HVAC unit during home renovations.

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Talk to Your HVAC Contractor Before Starting Renovations

Before starting a renovation project, show your HVAC contractor the intended plans. At Pinellas Comfort Systems, we are here to advise you on how to protect your HVAC system during renovations. It can be frustrating to find out the project could have been done differently to avoid harming the system.

Turn Your HVAC System Off During Renovations

Though renovation is hard work that is made more bearable when the area is at a comfortable temperature, avoid using your HVAC system while work is being done. If your system is on during dusty work, excessive dust will be swept into the unit through the vents causing damage.

Close Off Vents and Registers

Make sure to close all vents and registers in the work area. Covering the vents assists in preventing dust from being pulled into your HVAC system.

Clean the Work Area Regularly

Be sure to keep the work area as clean as possible during renovations. By keeping the area relatively clean, you’ll avoid excessive dust buildup. It’s a good idea to seal off your HVAC unit with tarps before working in an area.

Clean or Change the Air Filters During and After Renovations

It’s a good idea to regularly clean your air filter during renovations. Even if the air filter doesn’t look dirty, tiny dust particles can attach themselves to the surface of the air filter, interrupting airflow. If you’re unsure about the condition of your air filter, have it inspected by one of our professionals at Pinellas Comfort Systems.

Inspect your HVAC Equipment After the Renovations

Lastly, once the renovations are complete, conduct a thorough inspection of your equipment. Inspect the indoor coil, blower, and ductwork. Consider having your ducts cleaned once renovations are completed.

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