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3 Tips For Protecting Your HVAC System During Bad Storms

3 Tips For Protecting Your HVAC System During Bad Storms

Palm Harbor, Florida, can get some pretty nasty storms, especially during hurricane season. It’s important for homeowners in Pinellas County to know how to protect their HVAC systems during bad storms that could damage the exterior unit of the system. Here are some handy tips for keeping your climate control system safe.

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Remove Debris

One of the main culprits behind HVAC storm damage is debris. While you can’t prevent items flying in from your neighbor’s homes, you can take precautions in keeping your system safe by maintaining a tidy yard. Branches and other plant debris should be regularly cleaned up and disposed of safely. If you have dead branches in your tree, consider getting them professionally moved. The last thing you want is a piece of wood slamming into your HVAC system’s exterior component.

Raise the Unit

Another major cause of HVAC damage is flooding. Many areas of Palm Harbor are in flood zones. If you’re among the residents in this area, it’s important to have your HVAC unit raised so that water doesn’t reach it and it doesn’t end up under water. Ground level systems can be raised to provide some extra space. Concrete is one of the best choices as it gives a stable base and is one of the strongest materials available. Water damage can be hard to overcome, and too much of it might permanently ruin your unit, so getting it raised is really important in protecting the exterior portion of your HVAC system.

Shut Off the System

This tip may be a more difficult thing to do during summer storms, but shutting off your HVAC system when the weather turns serious can help prevent damage from a power surge. Power surges can fry the parts of your HVAC system that rely heavily on wiring and electricity. While sometimes this can be fixed by a few replacements, it can also kill your system and lead to a full replacement.

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