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Why UV Lights for HVAC Are a Wise IAQ Investment

Why UV Lights for HVAC Are a Wise IAQ Investment

If you’ve been looking for an efficient way to improve your home’s indoor air quality, then you should consider installing UV lights. Like many homeowners, you may already know that UV lights are a great way to kill airborne contaminants in the house but may not know how. Here’s how UV lights for HVAC systems improve indoor air quality and why you’d be wise to invest in them.

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What Is UV Light?

UV, or ultraviolet light, is a form of electromagnetic radiation that is usually transmitted at various frequencies and wavelengths. It comprises three forms of rays that include Ultraviolet A (UV-A), Ultraviolet B (UV-B), and Ultraviolet C (UV-C). Generally, you cannot see or feel ultraviolet light; its wavelength is between 100 and 400 nanometers.

Visible light, in comparison, usually has a longer wavelength, which is between 400 and 700 nanometers long. UV-A light comprises photons that vibrate faster than visible light, although they don’t carry as much energy as UV-C light, which is usually harmful to many living things.

How Do UV Lights Work?

UV air purifiers usually use UV-C light to deactivate airborne pathogens and microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. This particular light is responsible for the effectiveness of UV-C air purification systems as the energy typically changes the molecules that absorb it. As you can expect, DNA is particularly susceptible to changes.

When airborne microorganisms come into contact with the UV-C light in an air purifier, their DNA is damaged, inactivating or killing them instantly. You need to note that bacteria are single-cell organisms, and they rely on their DNA to stay alive. Therefore, they’re usually easy to destroy with UV-C light.

UV-C light air purifiers usually comprise a forced air system and another filter such as a HEPA filter. Therefore, the HVAC system’s UV light works alongside other processes to clean your indoor air.

More precisely, your indoor air goes into the unit before going through a chamber that contains bulbs that emit UV-C light. In a portable purifier, the lamp often goes downstream of the filter. As the air passes through, the light destroys the microorganisms in it and puts out cleaner, fresher air.

Are UV Lights Effective?

If you’ve been scheduling frequent HVAC maintenance services for a while but haven’t seen any significant change in your indoor air quality, then investing in a UV light can provide you with positive results. A group of researchers from Duke University Medical Center discovered that UV light can reduce bacteria by more than 97%. There are many other studies that confirm the effectiveness of UV light in eliminating indoor air contaminants.

Improve Your Health and Comfort

Installing adequate UV lighting in your home can help you improve your health tremendously. Poor air quality causes or aggravates many health problems such as respiratory diseases.

Your HVAC system basically circulates air throughout your home. Therefore, if one member of your family becomes ill, germs circulate, increasing the likelihood of infecting other healthy people with the same illness. A good HVAC UV lights system eliminates the pathogen buildup on various HVAC system parts, including ductwork, drainpipes, and cooling coils.

Similarly, as UV lighting usually lowers the number of contaminants in the air, it can help you reduce the buildup of unwanted particles on your HVAC’s internal components. This results in improved airflow, making it easy for you and your family to access fresh air and live more comfortably.

This would help your HVAC run optimally, extending its life and making it more energy-efficient. In the end, as you experience fewer repairs and consume less energy, you may save more money.

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