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3 Home Projects to Keep Your Home Cooler

3 Home Projects to Keep Your Home Cooler

While Safety Harbor, Florida, summers are bright and sunny, they’re also swelteringly hot. When you head in the house, you want a refreshing retreat from the heat outside. Manage your indoor comfort wisely and incorporate a few easy home projects to keep cool.

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Reprogram Your Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a powerful tool for managing your home comfort with a minimal investment of time and effort. Set it seasonally and leave it be for the majority of the year. Set your thermostat several degrees warmer during the night and any period when you’re out of the house. Adjust the settings so your home will cool down just before you get home. This gives you all the perks of a colder home without the climbing energy bill.

Update Your Window Hangings

Light-blocking window hangings will keep the heat from streaming in and warming your home unnecessarily during the summer. Make a particular effort to close the blinds for south and west-facing windows while the sun is up. Blackout curtains, heavy blinds, or even a window tint film will help. If you’re gone during the day, make sure the curtains stay closed so your AC isn’t left to battle the sun in an empty home where you don’t need the light.

Arrange Your Landscaping

Adjust your home’s landscaping so there’s shade for any windows on the south and west-facing sides of the home. A well-placed tree or vine-covered trellis can block the sun while offering a lovely view. Keep plants a few feet away from the house so they don’t trap heat and humidity up against your walls. Channel summer breezes toward the home with well-placed shrubbery outside.

If you’re struggling to beat the heat in Florida this summer, contact Pinellas Comfort Systems at (727) 315-0791. We’ll help you update, adjust, or tune up your home comfort systems so you can get the most efficient cooling possible during the challenging summer weather. A system that’s well cared for will take good care of you.

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