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At Pinellas, we’re proud to have a professional team that has served the Clearwater area and surrounding cities for years. Since 1957, we have ensured we have the best team of professionals to complete the job. Whether you need a kitchen sink installation or a plumbing repair, we have the right solution. 

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Common Types of Kitchen Sinks

When it’s time to choose a sink for your home, the options can be overwhelming. It’s an important decision and choosing the right one for your home is essential. Let’s go through some of the options you have when making your selection. 

Top-Mount Or Drop-In Sinksbeautiful white kitchen with newly installed sink

A top-mount or drop-in sink is the most common sink in homes. These are usually pretty simple to install, a hole is cut in the counter, and the sink is dropped from the top. 

Undermount Sinks

If you want a seamless and sleek look for your kitchen or bathroom, having an undermount sink is the way to go. It is mounted from beneath the countertops. 

Double Basin and Bowl Sinks

A double basin or bowl sink is commonly used in kitchens to make food prep, washing dishes, and cleaning up more organized. Most commonly, people wash their dishes on one side and rinse them off on the other. 

Other times, household members will use one side to prepare food while the other for cleaning. Overall, there are multiple uses for this sink design. 

Single Basin and Bowl Sink

A single basin or bowl sink contains one large basin or bowl to wash your hands, dishes, or other items. A single basin is commonly used for kitchens with limited space or where you do daily tasks. 

Farmhouse or Apron Sinks

Lastly, we have the famous farmhouse or apron sinks, which contain a larger deep basin. The front panel extends beyond the countertop edge. Usually, these sinks have porcelain or fireclay, used in more rustic-looking kitchen designs.

Overall, our expert plumbers can help you choose the best sink for your home and will replace the old sink with the new one. 

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Signs That You Need a New Sink

Bathroom and kitchen sinks can wear out over time and eventually need replacing. In that case, here are some common signs your sink needs replacing. 

Rusty Tap:

When you see rust, it is never a good sign. Not only can it contaminate your water, but it will eat your sink away and eventually corrode it. If you need a new sink, we recommend contacting a licensed plumber at Pinellas to ensure we help you fix any rusty pipes behind your walls. 

Physical Damage:

If you notice large cracks in the porcelain, it can quickly become a significant issue, especially if water keeps dripping. Having water go into the porcelain can accelerate the wear and tear of your sink, which is why we recommend investing in a new sink if you notice this happening. 

Decreased Water Volume:

If you notice the water volume is decreasing, then it may be due to a few reasons: leaks, mineral buildup, clogs, etc. Suppose you have cleaned your sink numerous times, and these things continue happening. In that case, we recommend getting a new sink to help improve water flow, prevent further damage, and have an overall better experience. 

Sink Keeps Backing Up:

If your sink is constantly backed up, it may be time for a replacement. These signs include outdated plumbing, clogged drain pipes, faulty seals, or damaged drain lines. Ensure you clean your sink regularly and do not flush non-degradable items to avoid these issues.

Sink Installation and Repair Services in Clearwater, FL and Surrounding Areas

At Pinellas, we provide a full sink installation, sink repair, and more. We are here 24/7, so you can schedule an appointment at the link provided here.

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