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3 Reasons to Add HVAC Zoning

3 Reasons to Add HVAC Zoning

With a heating and air conditioning system that offers zoning, you can lower your utility bills and improve your indoor air quality. Zoning lets you choose different temperatures for different zones or rooms in your Feather Sound, Florida, home. You can use an HVAC system with more than one indoor unit, or you can have dampers installed in your ductwork by a professional. These devices direct conditioned air where it’s needed. Adding HVAC zoning will provide comfort, save energy, and increase your house’s value.

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Additional Comfort With HVAC Zoning

With zoning, you can compensate for drafts and warm areas easily. Everyone can also choose the setting they prefer for the zone they’re using without impacting others. For example, you could make a drafty bedroom warmer while you sleep without making the rest of your house too hot. You can control most zoning systems wirelessly with a programmable or smart thermostat. People can use a remote or make changes through their smartphones. To prevent alterations from guests or kids, you can require a password for your programmable thermostat.

Energy Savings

Using zoning lets you avoid heating or cooling unoccupied rooms or zones, reducing your power bills. Adding zoning is an investment, but you’ll get your money back by conserving energy. You’ll help the environment by lowering emissions from fossil fuels used to keep your home comfortable, and you can extend your HVAC system’s life by preventing wear.

A Higher Value for Your House

With all of these appealing features, many buyers will find a home with an HVAC zoning system more attractive. A zoning system may interest more potential buyers and sell your home faster.

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