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3 Signs of a Heating Problem

3 Signs of a Heating Problem

Although the temperature doesn’t dip too low during the winter in Oldsmar, Florida, locals still rely on their heating systems to stay warm when it’s cooler than usual. When you adjust the thermostat, but don’t get the heat coming through the vents or notice other concerning warning signs, you may have one of these common heating problems.

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Weird Sounds

A furnace or heat pump will make some noise when it first turns on and as it runs to produce warm air, but these noises shouldn’t be extremely loud or jarring. If you hear popping, grinding, or squeaking, these sounds can indicate that a component has broken off or come loose within the unit. You should never try to poke around inside your furnace or heat pump as this can be dangerous and you could end up causing more damage. Instead, call a technician to inspect what may be causing the noise.


A heat pump will typically last for about 10 – 15 years with normal use and regular maintenance. Keep an eye on the age of your heat pump or other heating system since this can be a major indicator that the heating unit is going to give out soon. When you can plan ahead and know that your heat pump is on its last legs, it gives you some time to save money and do some research on what may be the best option for your home.

Cold Air Coming Through the Vents

If the air coming through your vents is cold when the system is set to warm, this usually means the pilot light has gone out if you have a furnace, the blower motor is failing, or the electrical wiring is disconnected. Cold air creates an uncomfortable atmosphere, especially when it’s chilly outside, so bring in a technician as soon as possible to figure out why it’s not blowing warm air.

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