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5 HVAC Accessories to Add to Your Health and Comfort

5 HVAC Accessories to Add to Your Health and Comfort

In addition to the basic functions of heating and cooling, an HVAC system can do a number of things to keep your St. Petersburg, Florida, home healthy and comfortable. Adding accessories like zoning systems, humidifiers, air cleaners, programmable thermostats, and mechanical ventilators improve the indoor air quality and offer better comfort.

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Zoning Systems

Rooms that get direct sunlight and those closer to the kitchen tend to be naturally warmer than other rooms. Similarly, there may be some rooms that are naturally cooler than the rest of your home. A zoning system, which includes a set of dampers, thermostats, and a control panel, redirects this hot or cool air to areas where it is needed. It prevents energy wastage in overheating or overcooling certain zones and enables you to set different temperatures for different areas of your home.

If you have large windows, multiple floors, or special areas like a gym, library, or an office in your home, a zoning system can help you save on your energy bills. It also increases the comfort for family members who have different temperature preferences.


Humidity refers to the presence of moisture in the air. As the air becomes cooler, its capacity to hold moisture also reduces. Due to this, the air in winter is drier than in summer. Dry air causes irritation in nose and throat and can trigger breathing problems in allergy patients. It also dries up the skin and causes itching, cracking, and chapped lips.

Ideally, relative humidity should be between 40 and 60 percent. Installing a humidifier is the best way to maintain the ideal humidity level in your home. It adds the correct amount of moisture to the air, making it comfortable and hygienic. A bypass humidifier can be installed directly on your HVAC system while a power humidifier comes with a fan to force the air through the water panel.

Air Cleaners

Your HVAC system contains air filters to prevent dust particles from getting into the internal components. These are usually basic filters meant to protect the equipment rather than purifying the air. Contaminants like odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and minute dust particles easily manage to get across this filter. In order to get a supply of cleaner and healthier air, you can install air cleaners, purifiers, and filtration systems over and above the basic filter incorporated in your system.

Whole-house air cleaners can filter the air throughout the home and require a trained HVAC professional for installation. Portable air purifiers, on the other hand, can effectively clean the air in a single room.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats enhance the comfort by enabling you to precisely control the temperature according to a preset schedule. They are also great for energy saving and cutting down your HVAC bills. Unlike traditional thermostats, you can use a programmable thermostat to automatically set different temperatures for different times. For instance, you can set one temperature for times you are asleep and another temperature for times you are awake. Similarly, you can set an “energy-saving” temperature for times when there is nobody at home and a more comfortable temperature for times when you are home.

Some advanced models are even capable of developing the most suitable heating and cooling program for you, based on your frequently-set preferences. Wi-fi thermostats offer additional flexibility to remotely control your home temperature via mobile and web applications.

Mechanical Ventilators

Ventilation is essential for healthy and comfortable indoor air quality. However, leaving doors and windows open negatively impacts the performance and efficiency of the system. This is where mechanical air recovery ventilators come in. They use ducts and fans to introduce outside air and exhaust stale air from strategic locations in a controlled manner.

A heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system retains the heat from the stale air being exhausted whereas an energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system retains humidity as well. Consult an HVAC expert to decide which one would be better for your home.

Whether you are looking to improve the indoor air quality or increase the comfort factor in your home, we at Pinellas Comfort Systems can help you with the right solution. Call (727) 315-0791 to consult our HVAC experts.

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