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5 Reasons Why Your Furnace Keeps Tripping The Breaker

5 Reasons Why Your Furnace Keeps Tripping The Breaker

Resetting the circuit breaker for your furnace can be a drag. But why did you even have to reset it in the first place? If you’re wondering what caused your furnace’s circuit breaker to trip, then you’ve come to the right place. The team at Pinellas Comfort Systems has gathered a list of the five most common reasons why your furnace keeps tripping the circuit breaker.

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5 Common Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Tripping the Circuit Breaker

You’ve reset your circuit breaker without an answer. As frustrating as this can be, there is a reason behind the constant tripping. Take a look at the following reasons that could be contributing to your tripped circuit breaker.

1. Restricted Airflow 

The main culprit of your furnace’s tripped breaker is a dirty air filter. Dirty air filters cause a cluster of issues ranging from poor air quality to higher utility bills. A clogged filter will put a strain on your furnace, causing it to work twice as hard. This can result in a tripped circuit breaker.

2. Motor Issues

The next suspect could be your furnace’s motor. Your furnace’s blower capacitor is a component that controls the release of energy. If your blower capacitor has gone bad, it could lead to a tripped circuit breaker. In the same vein, your blower motor could be bad.

3. Leaking Ducts 

A furnace’s tripped circuit breaker can be caused by leaking air ducts. When air slips and leaks through your ventilation system, your furnace will use extra energy to replace the lost air. This excessive energy use can cause your furnace’s circuit to trip.

4. Short Circuit

Short circuits happen after hot and neutral wires come in contact with each other. Furnace components that aren’t working properly can also cause short circuits. 

5. Electrical Panel Issues 

Last but not least, your furnace’s tripping circuit breaker might trace back to your electrical panel. If this is the case, then your issue has nothing to do with your furnace. Contact a professional at Pinellas Comfort Systems to assess and repair your electrical panel.

Furnace Motor Issues Keeps Tripping Breaker

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Resetting a Tripped Breaker

Even though resetting your tripped breaker is an easy fix, constant resetting can create bigger problems. Your circuit breaker is designed to prevent electrical fires from sparking. If you keep resetting the circuit breaker, then you’re opening up the possibility of a dangerous situation that can put your entire household at risk. Stop resetting the breaker and contact a qualified technician from Pinellas Comfort Systems.

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