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What Are Signs That You Need an HVAC Checkup?

What Are Signs That You Need an HVAC Checkup?

We are more than halfway through our hot season in Palm Harbor, FL. You’ll want to ensure your HVAC is prepared to keep you comfortable throughout the rest of the season. But how do you know whether it needs a little servicing (TLC)? If you observe any of the signs below, you likely need an expert’s attention for service or an HVAC checkup.

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1. Debris and Dirt

You need to keep debris away from every component of your HVAC unit, from the condenser coil to the filter. Ignoring things like dirty filters will not only cause your unit to run inefficiently but also allow allergens and dust to enter your home. As a result, your indoor air quality will suffer.

2. Blockages and Leaks

Condensate lines can develop blockages or clogs that can cause your system to blow warm air or even stop running. Refrigerant lines can develop leaks, also causing your AC to blow warm air. If your AC isn’t cooling your house, check to see if your condensate line is dripping. If it is – which it should be doing – you’ll need to call a technician to diagnose why your AC isn’t cooling.

3. Corrosion

Any combination of wiring and moisture can potentially lead to corrosion. This is particularly true for your HVAC unit, where corrosion to its internal wires or terminals can cause the system to turn on and off on its own. Corrosion will eventually result in your system breaking down. Regular maintenance will identify and correct this before it becomes a problem.

Why Your HVAC Needs a Seasonal Checkup

Once you identify the problem with your HVAC, you need to contact a certified HVAC professional and schedule a checkup.

But if you still need a little convincing, here is why preventive HVAC maintenance checkups are essential:

  • You can help protect your warranty.
  • You can avoid breakdowns.
  • You’ll better protect yourself and your loved ones from allergens.
  • You could raise energy efficiency.
  • You’ll achieve high levels of comfort.
  • You could extend your HVAC system’s service life.

Get Top-Rated HVAC Checkups in Palm Harbor, FL

As heating and cooling units age, they become less efficient, especially if you don’t service them once or twice a year. With an HVAC checkup, you will save on energy bills, avoid breakdowns, and even extend your system’s lifespan.

If you observe any of the signs above, don’t wait to schedule an HVAC checkup. Call Pinellas Comfort Systems and trust our HVAC experts to do the job right the first time.

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