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What Makes Packaged HVAC Systems Different?

What Makes Packaged HVAC Systems Different?

With all the many types of HVAC systems available today, searching for the system perfect for your Tampa Bay, Florida, home can sometimes feel like looking for a new car. However, while all the options can often feel overwhelming, they simply give you greater range to find what fits your lifestyle. The features that make one option better than another lie in the differences between various types of HVAC systems.

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Look at the differences between a packaged HVAC system and standard split systems and you may find that you’ve been missing out.  Here’s what makes a packaged HVAC system different from its cousins.

How Does Split HVAC Work?

If we’re going to look at how packaged HVAC systems shine, we need to look at how their more common relatives function. Split HVAC systems seem to be the standard among homeowners today, and they’re definitely not without their strengths. A split air conditioning system consists of three components: an outdoor metal cabinet that houses the condenser and compressor, an indoor cabinet housing the evaporator coil, and an air handler that actually blows the air.

The refrigerant is cooled through the outdoor compressor unit and then cycled back into the air handler, where fans blow air over the cold refrigerant into the duct network, and throughout your living space. Wondering where the furnace fits into all this? The furnace is completely separate from the air conditioning unit in a split system.

How Do Packaged Systems Work?

The name pretty much gives it away, but we’ll say it anyway: Packaged HVAC systems house the evaporator coil, condenser, and compressor in a single cabinet. That one cabinet also includes either electric heating coils or a natural gas furnace for when the weather turns cold again. Packaged units often sit on the roofs of office buildings or on concrete slabs near a home’s foundation. A duct network runs out of the house and connects to the unit.

In terms of function, the packaged system works the same as a split HVAC system, but all the important parts are in one efficient package. Most packaged systems can also integrate other indoor air quality systems with little modification. That means that you can enjoy the benefits of ventilators, air purifiers, and humidifiers or dehumidifiers with little stress or extra cost.

Benefits of Packaged HVAC Systems

The technology contained in a packaged HVAC system is great, but how do those features carry over to the efficiency, comfort, and convenience of your home? First, since packaged systems contain everything you need in a single cabinet, you don’t have to worry about an indoor unit taking up space. This is perfect for homes with limited indoor space, or even for if you just want a few extra square feet of room.

Packaged systems are also money savers. Not only do they operate more efficiently than their cousins, thanks to their packaged capabilities, but they also cost less to install. Maintenance is also cheaper since you don’t have to hunt down parts for both the indoor and outdoor components of the unit. As far as maintenance goes, packaged units make routine system checkups cheaper since the system is easier to access for technicians, which makes the appointment go quickly, reducing hourly costs.

In addition to all these benefits, packaged systems also come in a variety of combinations, allowing you to personalize your comfort. Maybe you’d like a gas-electric packaged system, or maybe a more energy-efficient heat pump packaged system or even the EarthWise Hybrid Dual Fuel packaged system. Whatever your budget, energy efficiency habits, or fuel preferences, there’s a packaged HVAC system out there for you.

This HVAC system really is the whole package. By putting everything in one convenient location, packaged HVAC systems create a more efficient and spacious home without sacrificing the comfort of a split HVAC system. If you have more questions, or if you’re ready to see the benefits of a packaged HVAC system for yourself, call Pinellas Comfort Systems today at (727) 315-0791.

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