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Why Your Heat Pump is Heating in Cooling Mode in Crystal Beach, FL

Why Your Heat Pump is Heating in Cooling Mode in Crystal Beach, FL

It’s still spring, but your air conditioning has been cooling your home in Crystal Beach, FL, for a while now. But as the heat pump ran, you noticed that the air never grew cool. Let’s go over four reasons why a heat pump would heat your home when in cooling mode.

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Stuck Reversing Valve

First, consider the reversing valve, which is the device that switches your heat pump from heating to cooling mode and vice versa. This can get caked up with grime or simply worn out with age, and the result will be a valve stuck in just one mode.

Clogged Air Filter

As a general part of maintenance, you should replace the filter in your system every 90 days. A dirty air filter can cause many issues in your system. If you neglect this, the filter becomes an obstruction to airflow, which means the hot air in your home never gets pulled out. You can do this yourself or ask a tech to help!

Low Heat Pump Refrigerant Levels

Your heat pump sends refrigerant through the air handler to absorb the heat coming in through the return vent, and then it sends that refrigerant to the compressor outside to release the heat. A leak in the refrigerant line, though, will compromise this process and leave your air still warm.

Dirty Compressor Unit

As we said, hot air gets released in the compressor. You have to ensure that this unit is clear of dirt, dust, foliage, and other obstructions because otherwise, the heat carried by the refrigerant will simply return to your home.

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