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Winter Is Coming – Get Your Heat Pump Serviced

Winter Is Coming – Get Your Heat Pump Serviced

As the weather gets cooler, you’ll want to make sure that your heat pump is working well in your Oldsmar, Florida, home. After you schedule an appointment with us to service your heat pump, our technicians will conduct an inspection that includes the following.

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Indoor Inspection

Air filters are critical for making your heat pump work well, and they should be cleaned or changed regularly. During the inspection, we’ll clean or change the filters and show you how to clean them so that you can do this simple task on your own. Then, we’ll inspect the electrical wires and connections and make sure that they are in good condition. Next, we’ll make sure that the motor and blower wheel are in good shape and that the thermostat and controls are calibrated properly.

Outdoor Inspection

The condensing unit coil needs to be clean and well-maintained for your heat pump to operate well. We’ll inspect the condenser and clean around the outdoor unit. Similar to the indoor inspection, we’ll check the electrical connections and make any necessary repairs. We’ll also check the motor of the condensing fan and clean and balance it for optimum performance. In addition, we will verify that the temperature sensors are in the right location and conduct a general inspection of the entire outdoor unit.

General Operation Inspection

Other parts of the inspection will include testing the amperage, voltage, and current draw, and we’ll make adjustments when necessary. We will also test the start/stop sequence and the heating/cooling changeover and examine the flare fittings for leaks. Next, we’ll inspect the ductwork, and, if it’s dirty, we will recommend that the system be cleaned. If you want peace of mind and your heat pump serviced in the spring and fall, you can set up a maintenance plan, which will ensure that your heat pump is serviced in a timely manner.

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