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3 Possible Causes of Your Ductless Mini-Split Issues in Largo, FL

3 Possible Causes of Your Ductless Mini-Split Issues in Largo, FL

Ductless mini-split problems span from leaks and poor installation to damage caused by normal wear and tear. Preventive ductless mini-split maintenance and regular inspections provide helpful info on the health and efficiency of your HVAC system. If your ductless mini-split HVAC system in Largo, FL, fails, then an inspection may reveal one of the following as the cause.

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Wiring Problems

Mini-split wiring must be up to code. The wrong wire gauge or substandard wiring often causes poor communication signals, leading to inefficient operation and damages to the compressor or board. Improper wiring could also make your ductless HVAC system produce loud noises while operating.

Troubleshooting these problems requires the skills and tools of professional HVAC repair technicians. Repairing wiring is a dangerous DIY job, so it’s important to call in a professional.

Ice Buildup on the Coils

If your mini-split HVAC system gets an ice buildup on the coils, it will likely blow out lukewarm air without cooling your home. Mini-split HVAC system coils extract heat from the refrigerant and distribute it to your home to cool the temperatures. Ice buildup on your HVAC strains the coil’s ability to extract heat from the air.

Ice on the coils will build up when the mini-split coils get dirty or full of dust. The coils will also succumb to freezing when your HVAC has a lower level of refrigerant. Professional ductless mini-split maintenance and repair specialists provide solutions to these types of problems.

Substandard Installation

One core reason for failed or malfunctioning mini-split systems is substandard installation. Your mini-split HVAC system’s efficient operation and performance depend on the quality of the initial installation. Systems installed incorrectly by unskilled DIYers often fail or break down quite frequently, ultimately costing more money on maintenance and repairs.

Proper ductless mini-split installation and maintenance are critical to the long-term performance of your system. To ensure its efficiency, contact the experienced technicians at Pinellas Comfort Systems for all your residential HVAC maintenance needs.

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