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4 Signs Your Thermostat in Indian Shores, FL, Needs Replacement

4 Signs Your Thermostat in Indian Shores, FL, Needs Replacement

If you’re having problems with your HVAC system in Indian Shores, FL, consider checking the thermostat. It controls the operation of your heating and cooling system and may sometimes fail. These four signs indicate your thermostat has problems that are serious enough to require replacement.

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Thermostat Won’t Turn On

If your thermostat fails to indicate anything on the screen, the problem could be the batteries, and replacing them could resolve the issue. However, disconnected wires could also be the culprit. Your technician should inspect it and repair it.

If you exhaust these possibilities and it does not get back to normal, it’s time to replace it. Your local HVAC contractor can help you choose the right replacement for your system and home.

Your HVAC System Keeps Turning Off and On

The thermostat makes your heating and cooling system either turn on or off. When it has problems, it may fail to communicate properly with the system’s other components. Such issues prompt your HVAC system to make short, incomplete cycles even without reaching the desired temperatures.

Such problems are signs of a failed thermostat that needs replacement. If you encounter these issues, contact your technician for diagnosis and replacement if necessary.

You See Faulty Temperature Readings

A correctly working thermostat keeps the interior of your home from getting too cold or too hot. If you notice that your home is much hotter or colder than indicated it, it’s likely a sign that you need a new one.

First, verify the indoor temperature using a portable thermometer. If the reading is incorrect, the problem could be a sensor malfunction. The problem could also stem from misuse or old age.

Your Thermostat Is Old

Like all appliances or electronic items, a thermostat will not last forever. If yours is old and outdated, replace it.

If you have an old manual control, then it’s wise to replace it with a new, programmable model. The features of new models are more technologically advanced and more efficient to help you save energy.

If you have noticed any of the above signs, it’s time to shop for a new thermostat. For more information about HVAC maintenance services, contact Pinellas Comfort Systems.

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