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Air Conditioner Problems to Look For


In the hot Clearwater Florida weather, we can run our AC units pretty much around the clock. Along with regular maintenance and inspections on your unit you should also keep in mind these common problems. If you keep your air conditioning unit clean and maintained regularly you shouldn’t have any problem keeping your house comfortable and cool throughout the year.

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  • When windows and doors throughout the home are open, it allows warm, humid air inside. Make sure that windows and doors are kept closed.
  • Improperly installed central air can result in leaky air ducts or improper air flow. Pay attention to which rooms in your house are reaching the temperatures that you set. If you have uneven cooling it maybe the result of leaky ducts. Contact one of the professionals at Pinellas Comfort Systems to diagnose and solve this problem for you.
  • Dirty filters and coils prevent your unit from functioning at its best. Check your air conditioner manual if you’re not sure exactly how to clean or replace the air filter, or call us or request service online if you are not sure how to do it yourself.
  • Check the condensate drain pipe on your unit to see if it’s clogged. The air conditioner manual will show you the location of the drain – if it does become obstructed with mildew, debris, or even small plants, water will back up into the unit itself and cause problems.

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