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How Often Should I Have My Air Conditioner Serviced?


An air conditioner, just like a car, needs regular maintenance and service for it to run efficiently. We at Pinellas Comfort Systems recommend getting your AC unit serviced and cleaned once a year. You should do this in the spring, to ensure that your unit will run with the most efficiency when you need it most. In Clearwater Florida, we understand just how necessary this is for your comfort.

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Why is this important? It saves you money!

An Air Conditioner collects dirt and dust not just in the months that it is running but continuously as it sits throughout the year. Simple things like replacing a dirty and clogged air filter can reduce your energy consumption by 5 to 15 percent. Guess what that means?! It costs less to run! We all love to save a little money right? Paying for preventative service and maintenance will save you money on your monthly bill and in the long run will ensure that your AC unit continues to work efficiently and effectively.

There are quite a few things on the list for Air Conditioner service, not the least of which are air filters, compressor coils and condensate drains. Something to note is that condensate drains can get clogged and prevent humidity reduction which can in turn cause excess moisture that may discolor your walls or carpet. Maintenance on your unit would spot and prevent this from happening.

You will need a professional to inspect all aspects of your AC unit and to make sure your unit is in tip-top shape for summer.

We will check the refrigerant in your unit, test for leaks, and capture any leaked refrigerant. We will check for leaks in the seals and ducts in your central air system. We will check your airflow and the many reasons your airflow might be restricted or blocked. We will check your electricity, oil your motors, and check the belts for wear. All of this is because it is our job to keep you cool.

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