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3 Air Scrubber Benefits

3 Air Scrubber Benefits

You may love living in Seminole, FL, because of the fresh air brought in by living right by the Gulf. However, air quality is about all the different contaminants in the air, including those occurring naturally. Here are three benefits you’ll experience when you add an air scrubber to your home’s HVAC system.

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1. Fresh & Clean Air

The EPA estimates the air inside contains between two and five times more contaminants than outside air. This means you’ll need something to clean that air.

Airborne contaminants range from pollen, dust, and biological contaminants, to VOCs and household chemicals, not to mention pathogens. An air scrubber filters out much smaller particles than your standard air filter but also renders these particles inert.

2. Fewer HVAC Repairs & Longer Service Life

As your system runs, tiny contaminants move through your air filter and then collect throughout your system. These eventually cause airflow restrictions, causing additional operational strain, and leading to more heating and AC repairs. An air scrubber reduces these repairs, and because of the reduced strain, extends your system’s overall service life.

3. Fewer Smells

Tiny particles cause unpleasant smells around your home, whether it’s the scent of your dog’s bedding or pungent cooking smells. As such, an air scrubber easily captures these particles to remove them from the air. They also release charged hydrogen and oxygen particles to move throughout your home and neutralize the smells.

How Does an Air Scrubber Work?

How do these incredible scrubbers work to improve your home’s air quality? The first step is passing the air through additional filters that remove much smaller particles. Unlike the air filters in your home, it also neutralizes those harmful particles, like pathogens, rather than just capturing them.

It also releases negatively charged ions into the air, which attracts positively charged particles. This effectively cleans the air moving around your home, not just what happens to move through the system.

Don’t let your indoor air quality cost you more in medical bills and wear on your HVAC system. Call the indoor air quality experts at Pinellas Comfort Systems to find which air scrubber is right for your home.

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