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6 HVAC Myths Debunked

6 HVAC Myths Debunked

As the fall season slowly arrives, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your HVAC system. Learning the facts about your heating and cooling system helps with the use and maintenance of the system. In this article, we give you the truth behind these six HVAC myths and our suggestions on how to better use your system.

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Until Your System Breaks Down, You Don’t Need a Professional Check

The design of your HVAC system incorporates different components that function to perform heating and cooling requirements. Over time the parts will experience wear and tear based on your system’s work rate. While such wear and tear don’t result in immediate damage, it can cause HVAC inefficiency and eventually cost you repair money.

For that reason, the wise decision is to be a vigilant HVAC owner and schedule annual maintenance appointments. Proper and professional HVAC tune-ups maintain efficiency and result in a longer-lasting heat pump or air conditioning system.

The fall season is one of the best times to get your HVAC inspected by a professional. It’s smart to always schedule maintenance with a team of certified HVAC technicians.

Maintaining your Room Temperature is More Energy Efficient Than Heating or Cooling it

Life demands we be away from our homes often and retreat once we complete our tasks. If you worry about your energy efficiency, leaving the temperature at a constant setting as you leave your home won’t use less energy than cooling it when you’re back. Our HVAC experts recommend you upgrade to a programmable thermostat to achieve more energy efficiency.

Through the use of smart technology, programmable thermostats can remotely and independently adjust your HVAC readings based on schedules, movement around the house, and current weather conditions. It is important to know that cooling or heating your home consumes less energy than setting a constant temperature 24/7. Consider adjusting the temperatures a few degrees during low activity periods in your home for more energy efficiency and to cut on energy bills.

Bigger HVAC Systems Are More Efficient

Your HVAC system does not have a one-size-suits-all unit. Bigger HVAC systems don’t always mean more effective and energy-efficient results. Conversely, if your HVAC system is bigger than what your home needs, your system will cycle itself on and off repeatedly.

The constant cycling on and off means your system will operate more frequently. As a result, your energy bills may increase, and your HVAC system may wear prematurely. Your home may also be uncomfortably humid, as the system doesn’t run long enough to remove moisture in the air. Undersized systems also overwork to heat or cool a space, causing high utility bills.

Hire an HVAC professional to inspect your home and determine your household’s energy consumption. A professional knows how to size and install the perfect HVAC system fit for your home.

You Only Need an HVAC System for Efficient Air Conditioning

When considering your home’s energy efficiency and air conditioning, insulation and your HVAC system work hand in hand. Having little or no insulation will lead to ineffective results.

Knowing the best practices for using your HVAC system helps achieve an energy-efficient home and longer-lasting HVAC system. Contact Pinellas Comfort Systems and our team of HVAC professionals for your HVAC repairs and installation services.

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