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Boost Your Home’s Value With HVAC Upgrades

Boost Your Home’s Value With HVAC Upgrades

If you’re planning for a renovation to improve your house’s value in Palm Harbor, FL, the key to success is knowing which upgrades have higher returns on investment. Upgrading your HVAC system is a viable option that you may overlook. Here are various HVAC upgrades you can make to increase your home’s resale value in the shortest possible time.

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Switch to a Smart Thermostat

According to a report by the National Association of Home Builders, 44% of homebuyers want programmable thermostats, and 41% already have them. These devices let you program your home’s HVAC system, so you can achieve the temperature you desire without manually adjusting the settings.

Also, programmable, smart thermostats can “learn” your habits, such as your daily schedule for leaving and returning home, and heat or cool your home accordingly. You can also control them remotely from almost anywhere with your smartphone. Both smart and regular programmable thermostats can reduce your energy consumption and lower your utility bills.

HVAC Upgrades Include the Ductwork

On average, an HVAC unit can last for about 15 years. If yours is near or beyond this age limit, consider replacing it with a new one to maximize energy conservation. Older systems use up a lot of energy and require constant repairs and maintenance.

Experienced buyers always look for the future costs associated with a property before they purchase it, and they take the HVAC system’s age into account. If you have a new unit, it improves the home’s energy efficiency, creating a strong selling point.

On the other hand, after replacing the HVAC system, you may also need to upgrade the ductwork for compatibility. Though ductwork can last for 20 to 25 years, it may begin to deteriorate after 15 years, reducing your unit’s efficiency. Again, replacing the ductwork helps you attain the recommended EPA cleanliness level.

Invest in HVAC Maintenance

Spring is the best season to service your system because technicians tend to be less busy with emergency calls than they were during the winter. Scheduling maintenance before the summer heat hits can help your AC deliver peak performance when you need it. Even new systems need regular maintenance to perform at their best.

Remember that a potential home buyer can assess your HVAC system’s status right away, and a malfunctioning one would be detrimental to your home’s value. A professional will change or clean the filters, clean the condenser coils, clear out the drain channels, and check electrical connectivity.

A technician can easily spot and fix minor issues before they escalate into significant concerns. This service also helps protect the warranty since failure to adhere to regular maintenance can void it.

Improve Air Quality

Switch to MERV-rated filters that remove most pollen, pet dander, mites, dust particles, and other biological contaminants to improve air quality. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, and this upgrade attracts buyers who have household members with allergies, compromised immunity, or respiratory issues.

To fight the hot and humid summer conditions in Palm Harbor, FL, invest in home dehumidifiers. They minimize the risks of allergens and can make your indoor environment more comfortable. Also, they can help keep your air conditioner performing efficiently.

Insulate the House

Improving your insulation is another low-cost upgrade. A well-insulated house retains internal temperature and lowers the load on your HVAC system.

Most property buyers are looking for homes that can be ready to live in without much work. An appealing insulation improvement becomes a strong selling point that you can disclose to prospective buyers.

Consider switching to double- or triple-vinyl insulated windows and modern, high-tech shingles on the roof. Also, repair or replace old weather stripping on the doors to prevent wind and rain from seeping into your house and cooled air from leaking out.

With these improvements, your HVAC system will consume lower energy to provide comfortable temperatures. Such upgrades convince prospective buyers that they will save on their bills.

If you need heating and cooling services to improve your home’s value, reach out to our team of experts. Call us at Pinellas Comfort Systems to book an appointment for HVAC upgrades, installation, or repair. We offer top-notch services in Palm Harbor, FL, and the surrounding communities to keep your system performing as it should.

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