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How To Avoid Dirty Air Filter Problems

How To Avoid Dirty Air Filter Problems

The dirt and dust that circulates throughout your St. Pete Beach, FL, home’s ductwork can cause dirty air filter problems for the heat pump. The air filter exists to capture airborne debris within its fibers. Discover four dangerous problems a clogged air filter causes within your HVAC system.

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1. Inadequate Air Quality

You’ll notice a decrease in indoor air quality when the filter clogs. A dirty filter can’t remove dirt, dust, contaminants, and other debris correctly.

You’ll notice that your home is dusty and you might begin sneezing more often. The problem causes an especially dangerous situation for family members suffering from asthma or allergies.

2. Higher Heating Bills

The heat pump’s blower must work harder than normal when a dirty filter causes an airflow restriction. The HVAC system uses more energy than it should when this situation arises. You’ll probably notice a higher power bill as a result.

3. Heat Pump Shutdowns

Your heat pump may break down if a dirty filter causes the system to shut down often enough. Efficiency is a must when your heat pump is working hard to keep you comfortable.

However, a heat pump that can’t get the required airflow overheats or freezes up after a certain amount of time. Failing to regularly replace your dirty air filter often leads to problems and costly heat pump repair bills

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