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Turning the Light on Airborne Pathogens in Seminole, FL

Turning the Light on Airborne Pathogens in Seminole, FL

Did you know that the air inside your house can be five times as contaminated as the air outside? According to the EPA, indoor air doesn’t circulate with fresh outdoor air enough, which can cause lower indoor air quality. Fortunately, all those airborne pathogens can disappear from your house in Seminole, FL, for good with an investment in a UV air purification system.

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The Light That Kills Airborne Pathogens: UV Light

Like X-rays and radio waves, UV light is a type of electromagnetic radiation. The types of light include UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. UV-A is the light that would easily wrinkle your skin and hasten your aging. It’s also the most common type, accounting for 95% of the radiation that comes from the sun.

On the other hand, UV-B is the type that you’ll often hear scientists associating with skin cancer, sunburns and DNA damage. While UV-B is dangerous, it’s nothing compared to UV-C.

UV-C is the most toxic light to living cells and organisms. The good news is that the atmosphere doesn’t allow it to reach us, otherwise we wouldn’t exist. Since scientists devised ways of making UV-C artificially, experts use it to kill pathogens successfully.

How UV-C Light Kills Airborne Pathogens

UV-C air purification systems kill pathogens by destroying their DNA. All the microorganisms floating in the air absorb the harmful UV-C energy, which inhibits their ability to replicate while breaking down their normal functions. This kills them instantly.

Bacteria, for instance, consist of one cell. When the UV-C energy begins destroying the cell’s DNA, a self-destruct process begins, eventually rendering the cell harmless.

Inside UV Lamp Purification

When you examine a UV-C light purifier closely, you should see a UV lamp inside that emits harmful UV light. The light works alongside other processes, including a forced-air system and filter to purify the air.

The air inside your house goes through the system and enters a chamber that contains the UV-C light. At this point, the light destroys the viruses that usually escape the common air filters.

This equipment would therefore help you find relief if you always suffer from different illnesses or bad odors. The pathogens that this device eradicates are typically the cause of these issues and poor indoor air quality in general.

How Effective Is UV Air Purification?

There are many factors that determine the capacity of your UV air purifying system to kill pathogens. The material of the bulb emitting the light, the amount of light emitted at any given time and how long the pathogen remains exposed to light are good examples.

By using an ultraviolet air purifier, you also minimize certain machine repairs in your house. For instance, we know that certain microorganisms can colonize on materials used in your air conditioning system, including the drain lines. Clogged drains are one of the reasons homes require AC repair.

Why UV Purification Works Better Than Filters

If you have an air purifier, it may trap and remove large particles contaminating your air such as pet dander and pollen. Many systems can also irradiate spores and germs.

Similarly, the advanced activated carbon filters work well at removing smoke from a house. The activated carbon can also take scents out of the air.

You may be struggling with poor indoor air quality right now. You may even have fallen ill due to pathogens lurking in your home. You can avoid these airborne pathogens and their effect on your health with the right tools.

Find the right professionals to help you eliminate the problem for good. If are ready to enjoy clean, germ-free air and everyday breathing comfort, purify your air with UV light by calling Pinellas Comfort Systems today to discuss the benefits of using a UV light in your home.

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