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How Your Seminole, FL Thermostat Can Cause HVAC Issues

How Your Seminole, FL Thermostat Can Cause HVAC Issues

Your thermostat controls your entire HVAC system, so if it’s not functioning correctly, you’ll either be too hot or too cold. Here are some common problems that may affect your Seminole, FL, thermostat.

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Dust and Dirt

Over time, dust and debris could build up under your thermostat’s cover. This buildup may cause your thermostat to misread temperatures or go on the fritz. If you’re unsure, call a professional to check on it and perform regular maintenance or calibration.

Bad Placement

If your thermostat isn’t in the right location, it can cause an inaccurate temperature reading. Poor placement, such as in direct sunlight, can cause short-cycling. Your heater will turn on and off repeatedly, increasing wear and tear on the system.

Faulty Program

Most thermostats will work for years without a hitch, but some of them may have programming issues. The short-cycling mentioned above is a potential symptom, and problematic wiring could be behind it. If this is the case, call in a professional.

Wrong Components

It’s important to be sure you have the correct thermostat for your HVAC system. Using the wrong type could lead to various problems up to and including system failure. Call up a professional to make sure the parts are correct.

Check the Batteries

Some thermostats still use batteries. If the system is unresponsive and it has batteries, switch out the batteries with new ones. If it still doesn’t work, call a technician to ask about a replacement.

Making sure your thermostat is working optimally is a great way to save energy and reduce your monthly utility expenses. If you’re having any problems, contact us at Pinellas Comfort Systems to learn about our different HVAC services.

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